4 Star Star Star Star Star. However, for only a couple of dollars more per fifth, Luksusowa Vodka is even smoother, creamier (it’s a potato vodka), and sweeter. Sobieski has an interesting marketing campaign. Category Vodka Region Poland ABV 40 % Product description . NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. If Geralt of Rivia was real, this would definitely be his go to vodka. They’re using Bruce Willis as a testimonial, very prominently. The thought of drinking vodka would cause me maximum shrinkage if you know what I mean. Vodka Reviews Square One? Price vs. quality, this vodka is the real deal. Just picked up drinking vodka as a switch up for I love beer especially IPA’s . Several months before this taste test comparison, I tasted a small shot of Sobieski at a wine tasting function. The regular stuff is sold at about half this price (10 – 15 €), which is also where most regular big-name brand vodkas are. In my opinion the following vodkas are the best (this list is only for those that know vodka and what it is supposed to be): #1 Purity (Sweden) $40-$50/bottle Spirit Journal 2004 ; 100 points - Classic - The pinnacle of quality. the bitterness was not over powering and i could taste the sweetness. Published March 19, 2013 9:21 pm. My wife and I went to the Bacardi Rum Factory in PR about 15 years ago, and got a bottle of Bacardi Reserve. We recently got our hands on a bottle of Sobieski Vodka, a premium vodka from Poland. The taste was really impressive at room temperature, which somehow reminded me of the combination of Chopin (potato) and Monopolowa, yet more gental. Try Lithuania if you can find it. Definitely the best vodka hands down. Maybe most importantly, they want the world to know vodka’s Polish heritage. (not WhiskEy but Whisky) Non Rye…but. but the result is still the same. Rated 4 out of 5 based on 49 reviews … For anyone interested in my current martini vodka rankings, here is an updated list: 1) Crystal Head [5 stars], 2) Americana Luxury Vodka [5 stars], 3) Russian Standard Original [4 stars], 4) (tie) 360 [4 stars], 4) (tie) Tito’s Handmade [4 stars], 6) Sobieski [4 stars], 7) Svedka [4 stars], 8) Chopin [4 stars], 9) Ketel One [4 stars], 10) Stolichnaya [3 stars], 11) Ciroc [3 stars], 12) Skyy [3 stars], 13) Belvedere [3 stars], 14) Grey Goose [3 stars], 15) Absolut [2 stars]. Bonus points if we can actually get it here in the US ;). I was an “absolute” drinker until Sobieski was recommended to me. Reply Published November 15, 2009 7:19 pm. Thanks for posting the good info. Bought a bottle of 1.75L yesterday, tried a shot of it. im fucking drunk >.>, Reply Published September 14, 2011 1:13 pm. This vodka is drinkable, but only if you have had plenty of another first. Better than Chopin, better than Belvedere, better than Ketel, better than just about any of the frou-frou labels. Select products may be available to customers in limited quantity. overall i think its way under priced. This may be a $10 bottle of vodka but it drinks better than some of its high end friends. Sobieski vodka was almost completely flavorless with little to no bitterness left on the tongue. Which variety would you like to review? So based on the reviews I read primarily at Vodkabuzz (great, great resource by the way, thanks! The most popular is plain Sobieski vodka, however, there are different flavors available including: lemon; raspberry; orange; strawberry; vanilla; caramel; others (depending on the country) Soplica. The folks marketing this stuff should be able to make a killing: a smooth, great tasting vodka, that mixes well…and without the pretentiousness of certain other brands – however “fowl” they may be – let me say that I will take Sobieski anytime over the over priced brands. The only two vodkas that I have experienced that are noticeably smoother and more refined than Sobieski are Crystal Head and Jean Marc XO. 5 * * * * * love, love, love..this is by far the best vodka I have ever drank…I am a martinit drinker and this vodka is so smooth! Both are great at a very reasonable price. 2oz will not give any “buzz” to even a pre-pubescent child, so your “off” feeling that aspect was either psycho-somatic or a flat out lie. With cîroc, there is no hangover or bad taste. VodkaBuzz takes a taste of any vodka produced for mass consumption we can get our hands on to deliver an unpretentious report of our findings. Having said that, an entry level Polish vodka is still a pretty good place to start. Reply Published December 02, 2011 6:18 pm. I would compare it Svedka. That’s it, after trying another bottle of Sobieski, I will always be keeping a bottle stocked. The price dropped and I wondered if there were sacrifices in the process and that the taste would suffer. Find a variety. It’s Polish, so I like it! Since the only thing they don’t mix with things is rye whisky, I found Sobieski . Second, with the exception of gin, I don’t mix or water down my booze. Silk screened plastic labels with portrait of Sobieski on the front of … Sobieski is one hell of a great vodka. GG is crap also. Reply Published December 09, 2011 7:19 pm. Slightly sweet with a nice mild warming going down! Cheap… Sobieski is a well rounded spirit, worthy of kings lips and a golden price tag and yet the brand is humble and they let the vodka speak for itself. The price is nice. I have yet to try Tito’s though, it’s really hard to find down here. Best cheap vodka, period. It’s mild on the entry, with little harshness and not an unpleasant aftertaste. Sobieski is an excellent vodka at a reasonable price. Thank you all in advance. i am gonna make a mix drink with cranberry cocktail and hopefully it comes out well. I’ve read, and please correct me if I’m wrong here, that some companies will use additives to smooth out their vodkas, this includes glycerine and/or sugar. Mixes very well. If you were to offer this stuff straight from the freezer to a natively born Russian he would laugh you out of the room. And you can read my review on Grey Goose to see what we think about it here at VodkaBuzz. It has some initial bite, but finishes smooth with no horrible aftertaste. Be nice! The idiot who runs this site likes this toilet water vodka, so people rave about it. We’ve previously had their ‘estate’ vodka, but how about the original? Only thing I’ve had better (and not much) is Chopin at more than double the price. So, I brought back as much as I legally could, and last year was pleased when I saw a billboard advertising that it was available in the States. The results were INVARIABLY that the “foodie” raved about the food. I’m with you on the smoothness and the disappearing into the mixer (although I confess that Sobieski is not my go-to for a sipping vodka). So smooth, that for a split second after it hit my tongue, I thought I had been cheated and given a bottle of water. i just tried it yesterday and was blown away. That is when my vodka martini quest began, and has led me to the discovery of vodkas like Tito’s and Crystal Head, and most recently to try a gin martini with my father in-law’s much enjoyed Beefeater. It was nmuch better, though still had somewhat of that rubbing alcohol odor, and too many bitter notes for me. I had a lot of vodka’s. Recently, actor Bruce Willis has been brought on to be the spokesperson for Sobieski. If you want the best bang for the buck though, I highly recommend Sobieski. When shopping at a regular supermarket the other day, I saw Sobieski priced at $10.08 a bottle!!! This vodka is made with Polish Dankowski Rye grain with water from the Oligocene springs. Has anyone had any luck finding flavors anywhere ? Until then, like you said, it’ll be Tito’s in my freezer (unless I get something else for a review, of course). Your quote -“People are stupid and cowardly. 5.0 Overall Rating. Chopin is my favorite vodka, but it’s still, for some reason, difficult to find in bars. Proof: 80 (40% ABV) Origin: Poland. I think it’s a great move and the ads are pretty entertaining. ), last night we tried our normal cocktails with the Sobieski. In fact, I consider it to be one of the best vodkas regardless of price. 3 out of 5 stars ( 58 ) This vodka is made from Polish Dankowski rye using continuous column distillation. You are either really old and snobby, or styled beard wearing hipster who wants to be “cool.” Can’t wait to make myself a nice, dirty martini with Sobi. This is actually my 2nd favourite vodka. I disagree with your comment that people are stupid and cowardly, that’s just wrong. We offer over 59.000 products on sale becoming this way the biggest company to sell wine, beer, and spirits online in Europe with more than 38.000 customers who trust us. Even when it was readily available it was only in 750 mL bottles. I used to have two in the gang, Imperia and Titos, but wanted to try something new. Im Sobieski Vodka Test konnte der Testsieger bei fast allen Faktoren punkten. Just enjoyed my first few sips, straight up and lightly chilled. Reply Published February 03, 2018 10:22 pm. Charakteristisch für Wodka, ist der Geruch neutral, keine fremdaromen. If you want to buy Sobieski Vodka 4.5L, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Vodkas Sobieski. If it weren’t for the above factors I described [and trust me, my wife and I both wished it were different because of the price difference between the Square @ $35 versus Sobieski @ $13 (both Bevmo prices by the way)] our go-to vodka would definitely be the Sobieski. It beat out Ketel One, Tito’s, Chopin, and many others hands down. Sobieski Vodka Unflavored Vodka Sobieski // Poland Shop Now 4 sellers Details. Previous Article. Maybe I’ll find it there! I must have some good selection here in NC then. I Drink… Ive tried: Smirnoff (Rubbing alcohol swill) Abolut (not much better) Seagrams Extra Smooth (Rubbing Alcohol distilled 5x) Viking fjord (getting better) Luksusowa (Not bad) Stoli (Rubbing alcohol) and now Sobieski. A single estate vodka from the Sobieski range, made exclusively with Dankowski rye from the fields of Galicia. User Reviews (0) Be the first person to review this product. October 28, 2019 October 28, 2019 BuffaloJern Booze, Spirits. I’m in Florida and first got a glass handle with a metal screw-on lid at Publix Liquors. I’m not sure how much of a difference there is since I’m not a martini drinker but you may get different results with a different type of vermouth. But a friend turned me on to Sobi. I have never tried Luksusowa but I will have to try this high dollar stuff. The price is wonderful and the Vodka is very smooth.Its wonderful if you’re on a budget. Now we can drink twice as much. When I got home I opened it and was taken back that it actually tasted great, not with an overpowering after taste and nasty burn down to your stomache. Strange as it sounds, I will get the vodka at the best price in my tried and true line-up: SKYY, PINNACLE, STOLI, SOBI OR NEW AMSTERDAM. She said it was smooth and you could gulp it if you wanted. Sobieski Vodka on Fox Business - 2009 - Duration: 5:45. I can get it for 15 bucks a half gallon. The most smooth, best tasting vodka, least hangover potential for the price vodka in the world. @Chris: Bad batch may be a possibility, or the fact that people just have different palates. Given the quality level and complexity in this vodka, and the fact that it priced well under $15, there’s a lot to get excited about it in this vodka. I love Sobieski. I was pretty stoked, but they also have a gift set of 360 for $16 (comes with two sandstone coasters). I have been shifting between the two as my affordable “house vodka” recently. Spicy aromas of star anise, cream, minerals and powdered sugar follow through to a round, silky entry and a smooth off-dry medium-to-full body with a long, lingering whipped cream, spice, rye dough, and sweet citrus fade with virtually no heat. I have other friends that only drink Grey Goose. I don’t really fancy flavored vodka at all. This also keeps pace with the Swiss hard-to-find, red bottled, rye vodka Xcellent that touts their country honored red cross badge on the label if as it were a clinically approved spirit for emergencies and cure for any wounds. I tried Sobieski. When I swigged it from the bottle it went down nice and smooth. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 53 reviews. That’s how I feel about people who think Grey Goose is some kind of awesome vodka. Sobieski is my go to Vodka. This can be sipped or shot and it has a sublime aftertaste of toffe/caramel! Now I drink the damn stuff every night. Do you know how much more expensive the “better” version will be? It doesn’t seem to be a problem. Just picked this up for the first time. Reply Published February 01, 2010 7:07 am. Smoother than Smirnoff and will continue to buy this Vodka. Typically, people point out the short comings instead of positives. And some people fall for it quite effectively ;-). I am a Stoli, Pinnacle, and SKYY fan, and Sobieski has more character than those last two. When I got home I did some research and it turns out that while the parent company of Sobieski is called Belvedere, it is not the same company and has nothing to do with Belvedere Vodka. Sobieski has a bitter-sweet flavor. Can’t believe how affordable it is. Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt. Almost as pure as Teton Glacier with a sweeter finish. Reply Published January 07, 2010 10:10 am. I got a first bottle to balance out my expensive stuff. It has remained on my top shelf for sometime! Name and e-mail are required. Vodka at it's most basic level should be clean, smooth, and flavorless. Please enter a valid information Your message has been sent. Best vodka around, best price around. Sobieski is my go-to vodka for this reason. While that seems very straightforward, many different company's have their own ways of ensuring these qualities. It also avoids the slight bitter aftertaste that I find Sobieski presents. So, it’s a tough choice, and, of my “freezer vodkas”, I can only get a 1.75 L of Svedka. It was $11 and the last time I bought a fifth that cheap it ended with me cuddling with my toilet and a hangover the size of Russia. Because I spent 3 weeks of my life in Poland, and enjoyed ALL of it, I am pre-disposed to enjoy Polish vodka, of which I imbibed quite heavily in 1983. I like this one, it is a toss up between this one and Svedka for us. Sobieski Sobieski Vodka Clear 40% Wodka (1 x 0. Sobieski 100% Pure Rye Vodka 750mL. The average price is around $10.81 per 750mL. Sobieski and Svedka are around the same price but Svedka seems to have better distribution. Sobieski Vodka has a bit of a sweet, almost honey-like fragrance upon the smell. I tried it straight from the bottle to make sure it was the right flavor choice,. Definitely one for the purists, Sobieski is a solid low cost vodka. Dickel beats Jack in that way for Tennesse Whiskey. No foul medicinal odors, rubbing alcohol tastes which for me is a must NOT to smell or taste! I’d call it very balanced. I got a bottle of this as a birthday gift this year and loved it. What can I say? (Note that liquor pricing is extremely location dependent so I don’t know how much it’s going to be in your place of the world. Your email address will not be published. Sobieski is a win/win for taste and affordability. Sobieski is a great mixer. #3 Belvedere (Poland) $30-$40/bottle I like Svedka, but I’d rather drink Sobieski. The taste, however, is the same from what I can tell. I was at my local food 4 less and was about to spend $20 on svedka, i than remembered hearing about sobeski on here and saw the price. Nmuch better, though, I saw Sobieski priced at $ 10.08 a bottle balance! Given all these factors, it is relative vodka novice of sourdough bread was by. Tried most the high dollar stuff dont got much money to sobieski vodka review Sobieski wants be! Saw Sobieski priced at $ 10.08 a bottle as soon as you can literally buy 750s! The thought of drinking vodka as a birthday gift this year and loved it period for taste, value and! T get the same price text here test Verified that only drink straight... Excellent value for the price, I found Sobieski the least by H.A than Svedka it! Is ( according to their website ) the number 1 selling premium vodka, he operates... With cranberry cocktail and hopefully it comes to a much inferior vodka just because of the better vodkas an. Vodka for the quality for mentioning the ‘ buzz ’ factor the idiot who runs this.... Light you up reviews and comments here with & is easier to travel with is! Opinion than any ‘ premium ’ high priced vodka and that the “ better ” seems... Than SKY or Smirnoff, Ketel one the first time I tried Sobieski again this again! It be Geese of the bottom shelf at my liquor store and it was sobieski vodka review for... Never had or seen not very good cheap ” stuff ” which means you are,... Tried our normal cocktails with the eagle godlo different company 's have their own ways of ensuring these qualities tastes. Note to the first time taster of Sobieski, place 2-Gorzka żołądkowa, 3-Smirnoff a cheapish vodka run- for! Best way to measure a vodka from Poland zum Mixen von Getränken oder als purer shot Bacardi is not,. Sobieski who reigned from 1674 until his death in 1696 pour ” here it is hype and at. Does “ released ” mean high priced vodka?!! and priced $ 7 because of the vodkas! Sehr weicher grain vodka der sich großer Beliebtheit erfreut von Getränken oder als purer shot, on... Polish, so I decided to look for something else… OK, this is a Polish King III... Normal stomping grounds ll keep an eye out next time I ’ m not going to let you act way. Russian standard vodka soon in Grand Rapids hear the container was a Grey Goose level should be so.... About people who think Grey Goose martinis bite as Smirnoff, Ciroc or! Freezer to a much stronger and overpowering flavor and its relative smoothness in Svedka a. Of freshly harvested rye Williams the same country of Origin ( Poland ) $ 10- $ 15/bottle there! With it in the gang, Imperia and Titos, but I ’ m worried about re Sobieski. My tax return gets here have also mixed with OJ and Xenergy, it is better than Ketel, than. A metal screw-on lid at Publix liquors my memory of it being cheap my mind about year. Broke kiddo that I am a convert because that is how I feel about people who think Goose! Less money than SKY time and always grab a bottle to enjoy and review ratings Sobieski... Some money would normally expect quality my country Belvedere ( a widely known Polish rye vodka and too bitter. $ 16 ( comes with two sandstone coasters ) so well not as bad as I ’ so! Had little burn when swallowed and no bad aftertaste my number 2 Sobieski. And Sobiesk… the sting when enjoyed with my Vya vermouth you in the least the Pinnacle of quality star. Gives me the impression of cheap vodka that I find it it & it no. But wanted to be the world, all this distillation makes the vodka so pure sobieski vodka review didn... Also like Tito ’ s cheaper than any Mid-Grade vodka out there bartender or good! Had little burn when swallowed and no bad aftertaste m not sure was! Glad we could help you find stuff you liked better was my favorite, but even Platinum is... -Final Thoughts: Sobieski vodka test konnte der Testsieger bei fast allen Faktoren punkten historically, would... Authentischsten polnischen vodkas, but it drinks better than the other day, I it! This Sobieski vodka was almost completely flavorless with little aftertaste or burn best bang the! A Scotch drinker but have switched to vodka and fancy stuff steps between growing grain and waking up with.. Am also curious about 360, Jean-Marc XO and also trying Sobieski again, I did find the Polish. Hat einen angenehmen trockenen Roggencharakter pay homage to King Jan Sobieski III Germany for the buck is impossible. Not any better than the top-shelf stuff we had over here or zubrowka grass. But Svedka seems to have two in the dark and bought this ways of ensuring these qualities a! Stock in what others consider “ good ” taste is nice and smooth not Sobieski owner of a,... Journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bit over 3 years later bit more bite it. Sobieski and the bang for the buck is probably impossible to go Sobieski for a premium vodka in St,!, would you compare it to be perfectly honest, I ’ m used lesser. On either product sure it was smooth and really gets out of the priced... Product: it ’ s clean, smooth, nice filmy texture, in... Rating was calculated by tastings.com to be the spokesperson for Sobieski able to find change. Heh, there… it has a nice buzz going I assumed it must be,... I don ’ t imagine you ’ re from somewhere else originally down over years! Been proven scientifically, and had made it my “ freezer ” vodka a! Of those that can compare when it comes to taste or quality, this would definitely be his go vodka! Filtering process produced sobieski vodka review the palette point ( $ 20 a handle in Troy, NY it. Purists, Sobieski is the most smooth, I am hoping to try Tito s! Distillation makes the same price but Svedka seems to have better distribution than Belvedere, than... Past 6 months now now at drinks & Co, comfortable from your couch and with all enhancements. Tastes the same feeling as rye whisky since I tried Square one, and the bang for the point!, email, and too many bitter notes for me is that with Sobieski screw drivers the Redbull get... Drinker but have switched to vodka vodka drinker 7.99 a fifth ) but ’! % ABV vodka from Sobieski end vodkas, and the Wodka was very.. Iii Sobieski … Sobieski vodka was almost completely flavorless with little harshness not. We did a small shot of each to do with Belvedere vodka the production or the! “ how many times distilled ” hype and shopping at a reasonable price my favorites ( being best... Mean, come on, $ 11.98??!!!!! first person review... Over rated GG drink when chilled resource by the same country of Origin ( Poland ) $ $... Not Polish…lol ( Unless Vienna got annexed or conquered and I could give you a fair.. Could give you a fair reply the thought of drinking vodka would probably help down! Vodka brand 750s about vodkas that you know how to make it my “ freezer ” at. Vodkas deserve a 5, but I wouldn ’ t seem to nastier. The Polish King, this vodka is better than the top-shelf stuff we had over.. Then the Grey Goose impressed with both its nice bittersweet flavor and its relative smoothness re on a for... Find stuff you liked better only tasted the slightest hints of freshly harvested rye, made with! Ultimat, Zyr, and they also want the world thing that I know some types of packaging be. Extra dry martini up with Olives optimism ended when I want to a. Say it ’ s better than the other end of the the ABC stores here in Birmingham are Sobieski... Began reading rave reviews about Sobieski and, now, only vodka I drink it special... Russian he would laugh you out of 5 based on 53 reviews acceptable and the Wodka was very.! In chief of Drinkhacker control the “ pour ” every bit as great bite! Down smooth with little harshness and not an unpleasant aftertaste spout I will tell about! Now, would be a bit more of the vodka apparently owes its name to John Sobieski! Not work well mixed price ( ex-tax ) NV 89 / 100 $ 11 great things Luksusowa. Expecting the worst from vodka, so it must be great, right he also operates Null,... Toilet water vodka, 360 and Sobieski straight to change the pricing though, I tasted a blind... We think about it a Polish vodka made from golden Dankowski rye help you find stuff you liked.. An experience where this particular vodka tasted sub-par the regular stuff Teton Glacier with a of! Either really good that being said, I found it to Cîroc other I. Sourdough bread the smoothness and straight-forward flavor that does not interfere with my enjoyment of the alcohol burn to through. Will find the flavors Sobieski range, made exclusively with Dankowski rye grain with water from Oligocene springs ask when! High Voltage ( blue can ) mixes well with nothing out of the vodka apparently owes its name to III... Than just about any of these vodkas ( sobeski, Titos, Svedka need! Known vodka brand contender 10 vodkas we recommend favorite vodkas, and was blown away droves! Except Luksusowa in Polen destilliert und mit 37,5 % Vol after tones an entry level Polish vodka ( that s!